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Thread: Guild Wars 2

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    Default Guild Wars 2

    Who plays, what do you play, do you like it, etc.

    So far I'm just getting started, got the game the day before yesterday.. Playing a norn guardian.. So far I like it. Free weekly server transfers are also awesome, I can play with my brother one week and my buddies the next... potentially... when I catch up to them..
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    Got a max level norn ranger and warrior.

    I quite liked the leveling up and the keg brawling, but stopped playing because I stopped feeling like I had something interesting to do. No end game.

    Explorer mode dungeons looked promising but I couldn't find a solud group of people to do those with.

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    I have it, it is fun but I need a better pc, so im putting it on hold. Given my lack of income this could be quite a long hold.
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