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Thread: Mass Effect 3

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    I purchased ME2 and ME3 for the PS3 (lot of acronyms there...) and after playing through both of them, picked up ME1 on Origin on my PC and am now working my way through ME2 on the PC....will probably pick up ME3 for the PC as well once the price drops.

    I didn't care for the endings before the extended cut at all as they were just incredibly empty and non-explanitory. I had romanced Miranda in both games and wanted to see what happened to her and how things ended. The Extended Cut did provide a LOT more explanation even though they didn't tie up all the loose ends.

    Frankly I would have been happy with some text blurb that said "Tali did X, Laira went to Y and did Z, EDI and Joker bonked each other silly and lived happily ever after at A...", ya know, just something like that would have given me a feeling of closure.

    That all being said, I actually liked the direction they took with it...even if they didn't completely tie up all the loose ends. I would have preferred a fairy tale myself but I'm not unhappy with where they went. The idea of having to give up everything to break the cycle that has been ending civilizations for hundreds of millions of years...has a very epic and tragic aspect to it.

    Oh well, c'est la vie.

    I actually had a thought the other day that if Bioware wanted to troll its ME fans, on the control ending, to have the crew of the Normandy be given a message to show up on a planet where Shepard-as-Harbinger shows up and goes "I'M A REAPER NOW LOLOLOLOL" and then zaps them all.

    A good thing too, I would have punched a kitten if that happened...

    /rambling now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    The Stargazer and Child after the credits is my favorite part. Maybe it was the music.

    Heh, I just found out the voice was Buzz Aldrin.

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