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Thread: People Who Make Junk Beautiful

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    Default People Who Make Junk Beautiful

    So what's your project? Scanned some thrift stores lately? Googled just how much some people are willing to pay for your artistically reformed junk? Lose yourself in a vision of what "could be" ? Find absolute peace and limitless creative flow while refurbishing a couch, sanding a bookstand, painting a hutch?

    What are you up to these days?
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    I got a bunch of frames at goodwill and some black enamel from the art store and gave them all a fresh coat. Now they look assorted but also uniform.
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    I wish the pictures weren't lost in older computers frying out, but as a kid I used to make small boxes out of dollar store picture frames.. Spent the time gluing them together, gluing the glass into the frame, and I put painted wooden drawer knobs as the feet and handle for the lid. A few bits of old cloth sewn together to decorate the bottom and make it cushioned, and they always ended up really pretty. I think I'll make one for my house when I build it.

    I've restored things like old patio furniture to give vines something to grow on in my yard.. I had ambitions for a mosaic out of old colorful dinner plates, but it is impossible to find the materials to make it on a bigger scale without spending a ton of money, so the idea ended up scrapped.
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    Yeah... I've got a knack that is my own.
    Making beautiful things junky.
    There's nothing more mystical yet all-telling than the expensive beaten up things all laying around in piles.
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    I don't know if what I create is beautiful but I make puppets out of recycled materials. I'm currently working on a paper puppet using the cardboard from an express mail envelope, skin textures from magazines, and a ripped garbage bag.

    The things I create are often of questionable merit artistically but often I look at things people are about to discard and see a thousand ways it could be transformed into something whimsical or fun. I'm not so good at creating practical things. So I've made strange dolls out of the red mesh you get with potato or onion sacks by sewing it up into a basic doll shape and adding crazy button eyes and shredding the top label part of the bag for hair.

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    I hit all kinds of thrift stores, but I only buy things that are already beautiful by my own admittedly strange tastes.

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    THIS reminded me of this thread.

    I mean

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