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Thread: Children's Games

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    Children's Games

    Sport is children's games played by adults.

    The very purpose of adult sport is to infantilise us, so that we will be susceptible to suggestion. And in particular susceptible to the suggestions of advertisers.

    And this is why we see almost all sport on television, for television puts us into a light trance where we are susceptible to suggestion.

    So the purpose of adult sport on television is to deliver a suggestible and susceptible audience to the advertisers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I admit it is a minority viewpoint but perhaps a viewpoint seen from my own experience. For I played sport at school but when I left I also left sport and discovered other things.

    However I notice we have many Sporting Clubs in Canberra and what they offer is gambling, alcohol and sport on large television screens.

    These Clubs are more like crèches for those who can't grow up.

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