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Thread: What do you hate about Anime?

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    I find the ditsy, naive girl characters annoying. Oh and anime otaku's get on my nerves too sometimes :\

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    Recap episodes and narration with clips from the previous episode at the beginning.

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    - Fanservice. I can tolerate it in small doses, but sometimes its a bit much...

    - Rabid yaoi fangirls. They scare me...

    - Animes that could have ended many times, but they just keep going (Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach)

    I could say more, but it looks like you guys have already mentioned them.

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    Some of the tropes in certain genres kind of bug me, but you could say that about pretty much any genre ever.

    Also worth noting is that, while manga artists have more time to put effort into their art, animators usually have to... cut corners, so to speak. When that happens, we have QUALITY.
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    This thread isn't what I thought it would be. Phew. Shameless fan service does annoy me, and a lot of it can get very corny, which is annoying. Fillers are also horrible, they can kill a masterpiece (naruto anyone?). I think it's more about watching the right anime for your tastes.
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    -The fact that the majority of anime series which have large fanbases in North America usually, in my opinion, pretty much suck and do not provide a good example to newcomers. I find Naruto to be mind-numbingly bad, Bleach sucked after a certain point, and Death Note is very overrated.

    - Fanbases of many popular shows refuse to acknowledge and even admit that most of the ideas in the shows they go crazy over have been done before (and, in many cases, far better). For example, although I liked it a lot, fans rave on about Madoka having been the first anime ever to deconstruct the magical girl genre and shoujo, even though Utena and Princess Tutu did that before.

    -Much of anime fandom seems to just want fanservice-y stuff that doesn't require any sort of thought. Now, if those type of anime existed as well as anime which doesn't rely on it, that'd be nice. But it doesn't... year-after-year, a greater percentage of anime is just fanboy or fangirl bait and easy-sells. So much anime released each season is just garbage which relies on moe or hot guys.

    -Many series either end way too early and leave plot-holes (as well as leaving out key moments or plot points which are important in the source material -i.e. the manga, game, whatever) or go on way, WAY too long, leading to loads of dragging-on and filler.

    -Many anime will never be licensed here, despite being quality, due to:
    --being old (and thus unmarketable to teenagers, who will always be a big market for anime and constantly want everything shiny, sparkly, and new)
    --being "too long" and not a guaranteed selling point (unlike long-running shounen shows, which sell like hotcakes), thus too risky financially
    --having too many cultural references which go over people's heads
    --being in a genre which doesn't sell well here, thus financially risky

    -Annoying fanboys and fangirls of either gender, whether they be yaoi fangirls who can't stop screaming, obnoxious fanboys who think moe is the epitome of anime, or any other. They make me feel embarrassed about watching anime.

    -The fact that dubs, even awful ones which have horrible translations and voice-acting, sell the best here. I know that there is plenty of terrible Japanese voice-acting, but unless we're fluent Japanese speakers, it's not as apparent.

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    Result in annoying INTJ avatars?

    I’m not close enough to the genre to have a serious opinion but this satire seems to raise a fair amount of critique

    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
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    The persistent dub vs sub issue. Do I sit through poor sound synchronisation or read the subtitles? This especially frustrating when the anime is known for its graphics.

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    I don't really get I to fantasy in general. I think that's a major reason I don't "get" anime. I don't hate it, but I definitely feel like I don't understand it and I don't want to.
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    Hypersexualization of female characters (Kill la Kill especially, and even Yoko from Gurren Lagann who happened to be my favorite character). It just seems to undermine the quality of the whole show.

    Even Hayao Miyazaki himself said otakus and anime that catered to them were mistakes. AKA catering to guys who just watch anime and live in their parents' basement, jerking off to anime tiddies and other specific tropes that specifically serve them.

    When you start to watch a lot, you realize it's harder to find shows where characters don't fall into specific tropes. I watched Zero no Tsukaima recently and the main heroine was a cookie cutter tsundere while the guy was your stereotypical goofy but strangely overpowered main character.

    But I will say when I find one with multidimensional characters and a well-told story I definitely prefer it to western shows (Lovely Complex, Kanon 2006, Nagi no Asukara, Cowboy Bebop, even Gurren Lagann despite Yoko's sexualization which doesn't actually compare to how far Kill la Kill went). I think Naruto actually does a good job with character development but the battle scenes are too long and drawn out, like others have said. That's why I find reading the manga a lot easier for most shounens since everything goes by faster. And typically, and this is definitely in Naruto's case, the art style is way better. For example, here's a shot of Sakura Haruno in the anime VS the manga (it's been colored in but yeah):

    I think the only western series I really care for is the Avatar series. And even then I consider it pretty similar to anime, just with good English dubbing. The problem is that the voice acting in Japanese is much higher quality because bigger budgets go into them, while over here voice acting is more mediocre because there aren't many people that will care as much. I can recall some shows I've seen whose most pivotal moments were undermined by English dubs.

    But yeah, those are my main qualms. (Young) female characters being oversexualized, crappy English dubs, and too many recognizable tropes. But that definitely won't stop me from keeping on watching because I've found plenty that have gone above and beyond that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deceptive View Post
    The persistent dub vs sub issue. Do I sit through poor sound synchronisation or read the subtitles? This especially frustrating when the anime is known for its graphics.
    You could try Makoto Shinkai's films. His movies have incredible graphics and they're not dialogue-heavy. I like them but my ISFP bestie personally doesn't because the stories aren't very complex. But if you want a cute short story with flawless art design, Makoto Shinkai is as good as it gets. Here's an example:

    The subbed definitely beats the dubbed in this case. Without spoiling too much, there's a crying scene and the English version totally drops the ball on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    I don't really get I to fantasy in general. I think that's a major reason I don't "get" anime. I don't hate it, but I definitely feel like I don't understand it and I don't want to.
    Nic you might totally love my favorite anime Lovely Complex then. It's about a tall girl who falls in love with a short boy and how their high school life ensues. At the end all of the characters are unique and feel more "human" and the whole show is just funny. I don't think I've ever rooted for characters before but I definitely did with this show. I think the protagonist is an ENFP too. If you're ever bored and need something to watch, here's the first episode.

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