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    Anew Leaf

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    Is anyone else hooked on this show? I'm half in love already. Such delicious subtly.

    Finch: INTJ
    Reese: ISTP

    If you haven't watched yet- I highly recommend it!

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    I just started watching the show a couple of weeks ago; watching it from episode 1 on, to catch up. Maybe I'll catch up in time for the season finale? (fingers crossed)

    I see ISTP for Reese, definitely. I would say ISFP but there are moments (e.g. the episode with the doctor and the sex offender) where he has really adorable Thinker Fe.

    Not sure about Finch, though. Maybe it's because I've seen Michael Emerson playing WAY MORE INTJ than he does in this show (i.e. as Ben Linus from "Lost"), that Finch almost acts like a Feeler in comparison. I might see him as more ISTJ than INTJ, just because, from the three/four episodes I've seen, he is not nearly as good at thinking on his feet as Reese is, and when Reese asks him probing questions, his responses are pretty graceless. Maybe my grasp of functions isn't that great, but I thought Ni was better at improvising than Si? It may not even be function related. I dunno.
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