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Thread: Reproduced completely or in part?

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    Default Reproduced completely or in part?

    I was wondering if anyone has noticed this? I noticed it in House MD that the episodes being shown on Universal where not the ones shown on SKY 1 or the ones on the DVDs when I bought them, I mean chunks of the show deleted.

    I noticed it first in an episode with dream sequences in which they cut one in which House's team turn into zombis and he blows them away with his cane, which was fine, it didnt skip anything really but in episodes after that there are scenes which are largely allauded to, like his jumping off a balcony, or shooting someone with a compound bow.

    Someone I'm friends with told me about episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer which were like this, to the point of causing confusion and plot which wasnt easily followed. This sort of thing is bound to effect viewing.

    Should networks let you know that they are doing this? Like broadcast an indication that this is daytime show or the reduced show or cut to fit with scheduling?

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    Wrong board bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical Hit View Post
    Wrong board bro.
    Well, I thought it was sort of current, unless this has been happening the whole time. Then I've been missing parts of shows for a long time. Suddenly Lost makes sense.

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    Thread moved to Arts & Entertainment.
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    Different countries have different regulations for the amount of advertising allowed per hour. The ones with more liberal advertising limits have to cut the show tighter. DVD of course, has no such restrictions.
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    I heard BBC America edits out parts and sometimes speeds up some scenes in Doctor Who... I heard something about the DVDs too but nothing seemed very different when I compared the DVD material to the one I stream. So I don't know.

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