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Thread: A music preferences experiment.

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    Group 1: I only liked #3. The other two...nah.
    Group 2: I only liked #2 (though I really wouldn't listen to it of my own volition. And the video is hideously corny.) Oh, and I'll join the bandwagon of Nickelback hate.
    Group 3: I liked #1 and #3.
    Group 4: I liked all of them.
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    cool idea!
    Group 1:
    - no, too pop.
    - no, same as previous.
    - same as before. I'm not even going to lose time to identify which one is different,because i don't like gothic music.

    Group 2:
    - better, but it's too mainstream rock.
    - don't like linking park
    - hate nickelback

    Group 3:
    - no
    - no
    - no

    Group 4:
    I'm not a fan of the metal/gothic, up to now I've just noticed Group 1 was more like gothic, Group 2 more like rock/metal and Group 3 is metal/traditional music. Group 4 sounds more pop. But all groups are really mainstream (I don't mean to sound like an arrogant person, but it's just how I feel about this). I can't listen to more than 30sec of each because everything makes my ears want to vomit.
    - no
    - no
    - not available

    Group 5:
    - boring

    Group 6:
    - uuh, back to life. this is nice(r). but nothing new and ultimately it's boring.
    - see before
    - pfff

    I was looking forward to this exercise, but there was not a lot of variation in the music (except for rap in Group 6, but that's not enough).
    I'm sorry I wasn't of much help to you, but at least you can count me in as someone that doesn't appreciate anything of what you posted (if that helps for your stat analysis).

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