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Thread: Dancing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    Thanks for the explanation!

    (hehe your notes reminds me of my own dance notes)
    Yeah, exactly! I have an elaborate system of dance notes for all the dances and moves.

    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    those are the sharp turns I see then! It always looks so lovely. You drag the hind leg to extend the line right? *aelan dreams of tango-ing, swishing skirt and all*
    Ballroom Tango is about slower, sweeping movements. Each of the step-and-pivots is basically a "fan," so in Ballroom Tango you play around with dragging the hind leg to extend the line, or doing a fancy extended tap like a syncopation.

    Argentine Tango, on the other hand, is faster and snappier, and the figure 8 is pretty tiny. The hind foot is usually kept in tight, perhaps hooked around the ankle of the other foot for quick movement into the next step. To make up for the lack of lines, you use the movements of the hips (the snappy pivots) to make fast swirling movements of the dress. (In general, the footwork in Argentine Tango is more about flicks and kicks and snaps rather than lines--my impression, anyway.)

    But with most dances, I agree that it's good to play with the lines and look at how they work with the clothing. Ballroom and Latin are all about showcasing the woman. The woman does all the flashy, sweeping moves; the man moves with her and leads and provides support. So we both work at making all the woman's moves as flowing and broad and sweeping as possible. Very pretty stuff, when done right.

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    i danced tonight at the club

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    I danced last night at a club too!!I wasn't pretty awake though;I took my friend and got up on a sort of pole and danced so sexy that the guys weren't looking at the girl in bra and panties(she was working in that club) anymore.The thing that scares me is that i liked showing off like that...but...heh;

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    go-go dancers are annoying. if you're tired, get redbull vodkas.

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    *sigh* How did I miss this thread?

    I've been dancing since I was fourteen, mostly at raves with glowsticks and my hands. Two years ago I began learning hip-hop, and last year I started getting into a specific funk style (popping). I'm still trying to get to the skill level where I can freely portray different elements of music without any previous choreography.

    I'm a little envious of FineLine, Aelan, and Elfin though. I've never tried partnered dancing before, and it sounds like tons of fun.

    Dancing... what a hedonistic pleasure. It doesn't really have to go any deeper than that for me, although it does at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    Other club dances which are fun are the merengue and bachata too, though I avoid sleazy men for the latter, as it is a close contact dance. The latter is a dance from the Dominican republic, by the blue-collar classes. Was a way of escape from the weariness of daily life. The music tends to speak of passion, love, loss. Much rawer and more sensual vs the stylised lines of latin ballroom. One of my favourite videos here: Solo por un beso (For a single kiss.. sorry to those who've seen it before )

    I never got back to you about the bachata. I did check the bachata clip out, along with some teaching clips showing the bachata "basic step". Looks like fun.

    The bachata "basic step" looks like the merengue, but in a confined space: Two steps (four even counts) to the man's left, then two steps to the right.

    The "advanced" bachata (from your "Solo por un beso" clip) seems more stationary and more like rumba or salsa at times--there seemed to be times when they were doing a quick-quick-slow step. But that's how the Latin dances work: There's a lot of crossover on the steps and the moves as you get to the more advanced level.

    Anyway, very nice. Kind of a merengue-salsa-rumba fusion thing, I guess.

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    Dancing is insane. Too bad I am sane. I am missing out.
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    I kinda wish I could dance. I have very little experience with it though.

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    i like dancing! but i'm not very good at it, so i usually do it in the privacy of my own home, although i have been known to bust some moves when i'm drunk.
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    I LOVE dancing!!!

    I finally went out dancing for the first time last night in months, (2 months), and it was awesome!!!

    When I *feel* music, my body moves accordingly.

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