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Thread: Evolution of online games

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    Lightbulb Evolution of online games

    Hi there first thank you for letting me be here in your forums. I observed that games today are much likely to develop into a 3d animation,with its sophisticated and intricately made graphics, its not by far we will be playing on something that is much like true subjects. With the emergence of computer brains most likely their will be more much improvement on it. If you could observe how computer games are made today. Observe how games today are develop. By the way, angry birds too , I like the way they used bright colors on it, very enticing. I am not your typical gal who love RPG but just a mere player of online games,I want to try something cute this time. I hope it's my cup of tea. so here I am just taking the time chillin out with you guys!

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    I see english is probably not your main language, and your post is a bit hard to understand. But am I to correctly in my assumpton that you like online games such as web browser games and that you want to talk about those?

    Welcome by the way

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