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    I saw "Gran Torino" yesterday and understand what you are saying, I think, Victor.

    But what I watched on UTube last week was fascinating. It's a documentary called "Crazy Love." And it's the true-life story of a lawyer who threw acid in his beloved's face because he loved her so much and couldn't own her!

    He served time in prison for this crime and, during his prison sentence, (which was also during the riot at Attica) he assisted many prisoners with his legal skills and actually got some of them out of a death sentence.

    During all this time he wrote love letters to his beloved whom he had disfigured and blinded. When he came out of prison he again pursued her and, with the help of a security officer who had been assigned to guard her safety, (that never happens anymore!) he made arrangements to meet with her.

    She married him and they have been together for decades. It was reported in the news that he had also developed a fascination for another lovely while he was married and when she spurned him, threatened her with references to what he had done the last time he was rejected.

    His wife stood by his side and testified in his favor at the trial. They remain happily married. Hee.

    It's quite a watch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I've just come out of the movie, "Revolutionary Road".

    And it is a perfect indictment of those who smother and destroy creativity.

    And how relentless they are. And how pervasive.

    And how so many have been undone, and lead live of quiet desperation.

    And what a mistake it is to seek creativity in the empty and shallow - they will drag you down like a dark current.

    It is far better to leave the pseudo men and dependent women and go to Paris yourself.

    Far better to be down and out in Paris than immured alive in the suburbs.

    And how better to avoid the living death of the corporations and follow your inner delight.

    Inner pleasure and delight are a gift and only takes courage to grasp.

    Go and see the movie and see yourself.

    I've seen bad reviews for this movie here, but unsure if those were accurate or not. Was it as good as "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit"? Same kind of theme.

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    Seen lots of movies lately.

    Revolutionary Road: boring. sucked.
    Defiance: boring. sucked.
    The Reader: boring. sucked.
    Doomsday (the post apocalyptic Scotland one): fun. ruled.
    The Vanguard: zombies. cool ending. ruled.
    Quantum of Solace: boring. had cool, well choreographed fights, and Daniel Craig looking hard. so, I'll go with ruled.
    The Square (small Australian thriller/black comedy): awesome. great acting. ruled. recommended.
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    The Big Easy (1987) - 8/10

    Remy LeBeau from the X-Men is based on Dennis Quaid's charming Bacchanalian cop from New Orleans, Remy McSwain. His fascination with the D.A., Ellen Barkin (Anne Osbourne, who is blond and adorable) is what makes women watch this movie in the first place (because the second half of it is pretty gory).

    Dennis was a god then. The scene where he cuffs two perps to his car (a convertible pimpmobile to die for) and another when he finally wins her over (Anne says "I've never had much luck with sex..." and he says "Your luck is about to change!") is worth the rental. Wicked, but very sweet.

    ESTP- ISFJ interaction du jour. A truly enjoyable pairing to watch.
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    Burn After Reading -- 7/10
    Dry and deliberate, slowly building the situation until it becomes comically ridiculous. If you like other Coen Brothers films, you'll probably like this.

    Pineapple Express -- 4/10
    Not particularly funny nor engaging. I found myself drifting in and out of sleep during the middle. Some of the violence (and there is a LOT of it), seemed really out-of-place.

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    The Scent of Green Papaya (1993) 4/10

    Boo, hiss. I quite liked the beginning portions of this film too. Quiet storytelling can be very well done and it was nice to see her limited world (though I thought it was too artificially empty, considering it takes place in Saigon and all and Vietnamese culture is not so... quiet). Over-romanticization and the falling anvils masquerading as symbolism in the second half were not appreciated. (Also the actress portraying Mui at 20 was weaker.)

    The first half was infinitely more interesting, and the second half should've expounded further on it (seeing how those circumstances affected the men the sons grew up to be, the passing on of people, the passing of the torch from the mother to the main character- how she learned). Instead it didn't seem like she learned anything at all. And the problematic thing of the pianist primarily falling for her silent devotion for him, her perfect serving-ness and her beauty rather than ... ever talking. Learning anything about her. Of course, why would a man want a talkative "Westernized" woman, he wants a silent servant girl? But he still wants to change her a little.

    Thematically, the end-game isn't bad, but the way it comes about irks me. Ah, of course, it is the role of the woman to be perserve the traditions, regardless of the fact it might make her incredibly unhappy, while men feel free to pursue to their heart's content. It's good that the move from the grandmother (close-minded) to the mother (in love, unhappy) to the main character (pretty happy), but the inaction of the main character and the "taking" of the woman is just so archaic.

    And in the end, it just didn't feel very... "realistic", in that the characters weren't very nuanced or fully formed in the world that they were supposedly coming from. I compared the women in this film to my grandmother, and the extent to which they were portrayed just fell short. My grandmother would probably be between the ages of the mother and the main character- she had an overbearing mother-in-law, she lost her husband at a young age, had to be the breadwinner, she was a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a cook, a full-fledged human being. I didn't get that from this movie. The characters lived in a bubble- and the movie deliberately ignored historical events (that would've had a huge impact on the character's lives, and intersected with the personal events that *were* mentioned): Japanese occupation, First Indochina War, Vietnamese separation, etc. Especially glaring considering the thematic portrayal of the "French/Western"-ness (of the pianist, and his fiancee) and the same natural-silent-"Vietnamese"-ness of the main character.

    Great sound mixing though. The sounds of nature intensely permeating. To the point where you don't know a siren from an airplane from a cricket and the soundtrack or the piano. Very impressive use to convey meaning through the music.
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    Default "He's Just not That into You".

    I've just seen the movie. The theatre was packed and it was a good movie.

    Good characters. Good story. Quite sophisticated. I was surprised.

    I really enjoyed it. And I even had tears on two occasions.

    All the time I was thinking, what should I do if I find she is not that into me. But the movie doesn't give a simple answer.

    The obvious answer is, move on. But the movie was really about the drama and feelings and of finding someone you love, and losing someone you love.

    It was a movie about relationships - something girls learn at an early age with best friends, but something men only start to learn at puberty. And are never very good at it.

    So we learn all about finding and losing relationships from women. But in the meantime we think we are in charge. How wrong we are.

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    Funny Games

    At the library recently I grabbed this horror suspense movie, which turned out to be a remake by the same director of the same film from 10 yrs ago. When I saw Tim Roth and Naomi Watts on the cover I didnít really need to know anything else.

    Not a great movie, but definitely intense. Itís riveting while youíre watching it, especially if you didnít really know what it was going to be about and didnít see it coming. Afterward it seems less plausible, though there is a sort of quasi-Scream explanation suggested near the end, which makes makes the filmís events seem more plausible within their context.

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    Ah, Funny Games. I was pissed off for a good 4 hours after watching that. Not going to say anymore but...yeah. I liked it because it was (very) different, but I perceived some statement on the part of the director that bothered me.
    "Only an irrational dumbass, would burn Jews." - Jaguar

    "please give concise answers in plain English" - request from Provoker

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    I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night and it really floored me. I had zero expectations to begin with and found myself radiating with enjoyment the whole time. Superb eye-opener.

    HJNTIY was pretty good too.

    Both are movies I'd see again.

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