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Thread: Game of Thrones!

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    ‘Game of Thrones’ Script Reveals New Details About Stannis Baratheon’s Fate

    ‘Game of Thrones’ Script Reveals New Details About Stannis Baratheon’s Fate

    ....In the version of “Mother’s Mercy” that aired on HBO in 2015, Stannis faced his death stoically, telling Brienne, “Go on. Do your duty.” But as an eagle-eyed Reddit fan noted and the preeminent GoT fan site Watchers on the Wall picked up, a copy of the Emmy-winning script that’s available on the official Emmys website contains an extra line cut from the episode that allows him a moment of regret for the loved ones he’s wronged...
    While it's interesting from the perspective of seeing behind the scenes (and maybe could have been included in the book version, as an internalized dialogue), it's too explicit and too emotional; I found what aired on the show to be most fitting.

    Stannis is stoic by nature. He will be stoic at death. The thing is, anything they mentioned here, you can already grasp just from how it was acted. Stannis looks defeated while leaning against the tree. He has nothing left. There is air of resignation about him. It is conveyed that he knows he has done terrible things that he now regrets, and all for nothing. He doesn't argue with Breanne, he tells her to go ahead and do her duty -- the punishment he deserves has finally caught up with him, and he accepts it as what he deserves. You do get the feeling that if he could revisit those decisions, he might choose something different. It's a stoic and sad end to a stoic and sad man who let himself be bewildered by the Red Priestess and buy into his own hype, and he knows it, now, at the end, and the regrets are obvious.
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