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Thread: LGBT Athletes and Sport

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    what counts as an athlete? I play recreational sports, not even close to competitive level, if that counts (soccer and volleyball)
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    I don't think we should lump LGB with T when it comes to athletics.
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    I think the LGB should be a non-issue. If you're a gay athlete and you want to come out to your team, and to the public, then I think that it should be fine. I don't understand why it isn't now. But I guess you'll always have those people who take issue with it, whether it be a fan, or a teammate, or just some random idiot. But at the same time, I don't think athletes should come out just to make a statement. If they don't want to come out, that's fine with me too, what business is it of mine?

    As far as the transgender thing goes, I feel really mixed on it. I feel like even trans-people should be able to participate in the sport of the gender they live as, but maybe have stipulations based on what hormone levels can be? Perhaps a larger scale for both men and women on what is acceptable for both trans and cis athletes?I think it would be terrible to tell a trans-man or trans-woman they couldn't compete, or had to compete as their birth sex just because of potential advantages. But obviously it would be much more difficult to regulate... I don't know. It's a really tough issue.

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