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    Default TV Shows

    I never understood the stigma behind the enthusiasm for TV shows. I've never got into any. It seems that a lot of it is Brits falling in love with a variety of American shows like Lost, 24 and CSI. The only series I watch is Skins, and that's in the realm of British drama with a dash of comedy. I used to watch The Simpsons regularly, and when Family Guy is on, I'll watch that (although I have series one to five on my laptop). But a lot of my friends' Facebook pages have a list of TV shows as big as my list of films. I don't know how they get the time in to watch them all. They must dedicate 70% of their life to watching TV.

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    I don't watch TV. And if the shows aren't bad enough, people actually sit through the commercials! Oh.. the masochism..

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