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Thread: Let out your inner snob.

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    Default Let out your inner snob.

    Experimental music junkies, Art House film aficionados, literature snobs--they're all stupid for letting their definition of artistic value (cold innovation and complexity) get to them. They can all go to hell. We all know art is subjective, right?

    Nope. A subconscious part of you doesn't think so. It's all because you've read those authors, or you love those DJs, or you burned incense to Yuasa Masaaki last year with the release of the divinely inspired Tatami Galaxy, or whoever else.

    Now is your chance to atone. Tell us all who they are. Which artists and works make you still a snob?

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    Not even certain what there is to atone for but purported artists like Kei$ha bring out the snob in me. God she's annoying and is the poster child for trailer trash.

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