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Thread: America's Best Dance Crew on MTV

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    Default America's Best Dance Crew on MTV

    I am so disappointed! They got rid of one of the most technically proficient and well choreographed (not to mention original) groups on the show! Iconic! I love 'em! And Geo is so sex-eh too. Hahaha.

    Man, screw the show I'm not voting anymore. I don't care what teeny boppers consider "good dancing". Iconic was one of the best performers last week.

    I'm going to turn on VH1, watch 'ironic' comments about the 90s, and complain about teenagers now.

    Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew

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    I cannot imagine a show I would like to watch less, except for anything else on VH-1.

    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    this show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I was very upset that iconic was kicked off. However i was happy last week when they got rid of the hos.
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