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Thread: Where can I find "The Man Who Loved Dickens"?

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    Default Where can I find "The Man Who Loved Dickens"?

    Does anybody know where to find a (preferably online) copy of Evelyn Waugh´s short story "The Man Who Loved Dickens"? According to Wikipedia it was first published once in Hearst´s International in 1933. He reused it as a basis for the last chapter in A Handful Of Dust and I´ve been looking for the original short story for years. I own a copy of an anthology of crime stories that contains a German translation of what appears to be the original short story.
    Apparently Stephen King read it and used it as an inspiration for Misery, so it must be around somewhere. Shouldn´t this be public domain and on Project Gutenberg or something of the sort?

    Any imformation leading to the capture of the text will be rewarded with a (picture of a) chocolate cookie.
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    You know there could be a billion things, I could be thinking of now but I am such a dick, you have squeezed my brain to one small thought I am no fixated on .

    But good luck with ur search !!
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