Haha this is INTP poetry.

Omg I love it!

Here's one my INTP uncle wrote as a kid:

I went to the meadow to sled
I crashed and bumped my head
It bled and bled and bled
Pretty soon I was dead

And one I wrote in his style:

My face is red
I am filled with dread
I must lie in my bed
Cause there's lead in my head
Many days I have bled
Many tears I have shed
I wish I was dead
Though I am well fed
With bread baked by Ted
To whom I am wed
Who always has said
That I should have fled
But I instead
Kept my head

And a couple more morbid/sarcastic pomes I wrote as a teenager:

Untitled Limerick
A man murdered someone with a broom
First the bride and then the groom
But as he fled
He got shot in the head
And lay dead in the middle of the room

Brevity is the soul of wit
Somebody witty once said
But if tis so then I must not be witty
For this gives me aches in my head

Poetry is exactly what one feels
Someone must have stated
But if tis so what I think I feel
Must be overrated

When tranquil poetry flows
Like a lotus down a stream
is what we all must think
But if tis so then when I am enlightened
I will be famous in a blink

Poetry is a high art form
I think that I must wait
Til my feelings flowing into witty art
Truly becomes my fate

The best poem I've written aside from some haiku is about how I can't write poetry. Go figure.