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Thread: Dancing Machine

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    Share some cool dance videos!

    Im fascinated with the C-Walk...wish I could do it. I think they are actually spelling sh*t out with their feet...crazy.

    [YOUTUBE="F2TSy0Z5qTE"]C-Walk crip walk London 5 Way[/YOUTUBE]

    Crumpin is pretty cool too...they have so much energy, it looks liberating.

    [YOUTUBE="OzCVd4uSXwk"]Crumping from the movie "Rize"[/YOUTUBE]

    What do you guys think?
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    Dancers where you at?! Heres another one, popping is fun <3. I think the girls totally killed the guys in this one...

    [YOUTUBE="_WgPoET5aXY"]Popping Battle, Girls vs. Guys[/YOUTUBE]
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    Not really into that kind of dancing. I prefer more conventional dancing--couples dancing, for example.

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    C-walking is supposed to be pretty easy to learn on your own. Crumping I like, as long as it's not too excessive and makes them look like they have dementia XD the girl in the crumping video I liked better than the guy. And I love popping and locking. I'll probably be taking a class on popping in winter. I'll see how it goes~
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