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Thread: Oh my god, I'm so lucky to live in Seattle

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    Default Oh my god, I'm so lucky to live in Seattle

    James (Maynard) Kennan and A Perfect Circle are going back on tour!! It's like a dream come true!!

    A Perfect Circle Reform for Fall Tour |

    Alt-rock supergroup A Perfect Circle's hiatus is over.
    On Monday, the band -- which dissolved in 2004, with singer Maynard James Keenan focusing on Tool and Puscifer, while the group's other founder, guitarist Billy Howerdel, recorded as Ashes Divide -- announced plans for a five-city U.S. trek. But don't call it a "reunion" tour.
    "[That] would imply we broke up. Which we didn't," Keenan tells "So. I'm officially breaking up A Perfect Circle. Now. Let's get that reunion tour in motion, shall we?"
    Let's. Starting in early November, the outing will hit Phoenix (Marquee Theatre), Los Angeles (Avalon), Seattle (Showbox at The Market), San Francisco (The Fillmore), and Las Vegas (The Pearl). And it gets better: A Perfect Circle will perform three nights in each city, with each show featuring a track-by-track performance of one their three albums -- Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step, and Emotive. (Vegas fans, however, will only get performances of their first two releases). Dates and ticket info will be announced shortly.
    Ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and session drummer Josh Freese, both onetime members, will join the tour, while Matt McJunkins (Ashes Divide, Puscifer) will fill bass duties previously handled by Jeordie White (Nine Inch Nails) and Paz Lenchantin (Queens of the Stone Age, Zwan). Guitarist Troy Dean Van Leeuwen is also not joining the tour. "[They] all have awesome stuff going on that they couldn't step away from," the band announced. "But all is well with them."
    Before the tour kicks off, A Perfect Circle will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 27.
    A Perfect Circle's return is just the latest in a very busy schedule for Keenan. The 46-year-old rocker is working on a new Tool album and DVD from Puscifer, harvesting grapes for his Caduceus Cellars wines (and promoting a new documentary film about the process, called Blood Into Wine), and acting in a new independent comedy film, called Queens of Country, alongside Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers, Office Space) and Lizzy Caplan (Hot Tub Time Machine, True Blood). Read more about Keenan's projects here

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    I was just in Seattle this Feb: I'd say anyone in Seattle is lucky to live in Seattle. Love, love, LOVE that city.
    I think I think more than you think I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyGrass View Post

    I was just in Seattle this Feb: I'd say anyone in Seattle is lucky to live in Seattle. Love, love, LOVE that city.
    And you didn't say hi?

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