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    Default What's your favourite sort of fireworks?

    What're your favourite sorts of fireworks?

    I've got to confess I like the old fashioned bangers and cherry bombs but we cant get them here, outlawed, idiots just used them to hurt people in the brief time they where legal.

    Besides that I fondly remember from childhood both catherine wheels and a kind of volcano box thing which would spark and fire and then run with "lava" and black ass when it was finished.

    I also love the indoor fireworks and I like the best of those the "cannon smoke" or "cauldrin smoke" which would generate a kind of coloured green smoke and the small black pellets which would burn and generate a black "snake" of ash.

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    The big purty ones that seem to light up the whole sky. I expect a "magical" wow-effect to happen, even if it is for just a moment. I like feeling like a little kid seeing fireworks for the first time.

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    the sort that's made from two passionate lovers.

    carry on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    The big purty ones that seem to light up the whole sky. I expect a "magical" wow-effect to happen, even if it is for just a moment. I like feeling like a little kid seeing fireworks for the first time.

    I remember when we got the ones which fire a single coloured spark up in the air for the first time in NI or the little spinning airoplanes which dropped parachutists or a spark. Loved those. Totally illegal, even at the time.

    Best Rockets I ever saw where in Spain at some festival, they where fired from a boat or raft which was itself glowing with some sort of firework flame at the time, HUGE!! big shower of sparks and lights, the ash actually drifted down on to the crowd.

    When we got passes to go to the theme park Port Aventura, its a universal studios theme park, we used to always stay late for the finish when the final show which was a combination of illuminations on boats and fireworks would take place. Magical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I'm there to watch and enjoy, not bother myself with details.

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    We call them Artillery Shells, because (fancy that) you load them like mini artillery shells and cannons.

    My favorite has to be those, both to light and watch. They're the scariest, and the biggest and loudest, and it doesn't really matter where you sit, you can see them. There's a sense of magic to them, science seen for the beauty it is, and even the normal not-so-adventurous human can have a sense of power and rush and adventure and wonder with them. I think they're rather poetic for just being a quick flash and explosion.

    The worst, to me, is as time passes.. you cannot get the quality of fireworks you used to. $100 when I was younger bought to long-lasting fountains, large missile boxes and a whole set of awesome artillery shells. The technology should be improving, but instead it diminishes.. opting for cheaper, faster burning options so people spend more money on higher priced garbage. It sorta robs my memories of the magic they once were.. so lately I've opted for a big show with an entire block party where we all contribute a bit to make a big display, or things like the renaissance festival have a fantastic show they do every evening while they're open, so I enjoy that.
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