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Thread: Most popular team sports outside of U.S.?

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    Well it could be second most popular in terms of sheer number of people who play, not the second most watched professional sport. It's huge in places like India and Pakistan, as well as in Europe. Maybe it's not second, but I'm pretty sure it's up there.

    It's only in the US that it's a 'female' sport, actually...
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    ^^Must have been fun if you played it for 8 years. Did you play in the U.S.?
    OMG so fun. It's really painful to watch at the beginner levels, but as the game play gets more advanced it's a lot faster-paced and more exciting.

    Here I found this link... who knows if it's accurate? It says #3.
    The top 10 most popular team sports in the world - Sportingo

    Edit: yes I played in the US, on my high school and university teams. I am somewhat jealous of how they have it in Europe where you can join a club and essentially play your whole life. It's pretty much over after college here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    I know basketball has gained a lot of popularity in China. Not the case in Japan?
    Basketball is really popular. Not to the same extent as Baseball, that is an institution. Soccer has become really popular in the last twenty years. Basketball is more popular as a school sport.

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    Apparently someone has studied this. The international ranking of sports by popularity:

    1. Association Football
    2. Cricket
    3. Basketball
    4. Baseball
    5. Rugby Union
    6. Field Hockey
    7. Volleyball
    8. Ice Hockey
    9. American Football
    10. Rugby League

    I've read this list at several sites before but these are the best links I could find at the moment. The first is easier to read and the second has more statistics and details:
    The world's Top 10 most popular team sports - Sportingo
    Most popular team sports: Soccer & Cricket, Baseball & Basketball, Rugby & Hockey ? - a knol by hunmoni

    Oh and Wikipedia has some interesting (but possibly dubious) statistics:
    List of sports attendance figures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I love that rugby is more dominant than I thought in international tournament figures

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