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Thread: WORLD CUP 2010

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    Oh hey, Germany lost to the eventual winners. Again.

    Congrats Spain. I hope the bulls run you all over! But really, you guys deserved your WC win and your Academy Award.

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    I'm glad Spain won, I was supporting them in a bar in Kent of 95% Netherlands supporters (bloody non-London English I don't understand ya!). I think Netherlands would have been the worst (in terms of performances) and dirtiest world cup winners ever. Van Bommel, De Jong and Robben should also have been sent off.

    So, congratulations to Spain.
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    Well, I thought Spain was the best playing team, while Netherlands had the best goal chances (twice Robben).

    Netherlands committed more fouls, but Webb (the ref) was very trigger happy with the cards, more so on the Dutch side than Spain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Congrats Spain. I hope the bulls run you all over! But really, you guys deserved your WC win and your Academy Award.
    The latter more than the former. English ref should be beaten with dildos.

    That kick to the chest was no joke, though. Dutch are lucky they didn't play most of the game with 10.

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    I wanted the Netherlands to win. 3 world cup finals and still fails to win. They surely deserve to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    I think Netherlands would have been the worst (in terms of performances) and dirtiest world cup winners ever.
    Dirtier than the Italians!? You've got to be kidding me.
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    I was a little undecided about my loyalties at first, but as soon as the Dutch started playing dirty I joined the Spanish crowd around me.
    It´s funny though how loyalties are decided. There was a mixed Spanish-Nigerian couple among us. When the group went down the streets, cheering all the way, we came past two African guys resting on the top of their car in frustration who yelled back: "shit, man, we´re Dutch!" (with a noticeable Dutch accent) ... our Nigerian´s answer: "eh bien, moi je suis Edo!" (well, I´m Edo)
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    I was at Girona airport yesterday while a big crowd huddled around a little internet portal (they didn't have any TV screens there) to at least catch a glimpse of the game and you could hear every few minutes a big sigh coming from that direction.

    I was on my way into the plane back home when I heard someone in the distance shout, "Goal! Goal!" and as soon as I sat down it was announced that Spain had won and the plane filled with Spaniards started cheering.

    I was in Spain a few days beforehand when they beat Germany (booh!) and the Spaniards went absolutely crazy; honking, sitting on the roofs of cars, shouting, waving their flags etc so I don't even want to imagine what is going on there now.

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    The Referee did bad mistakes on both sides. De Jong should be sent off with a red card for his foul which someone showed in the animation on this page. So should be Iniesta for his revenge foul on Van Bommel, by rules it is a clear red card. Also the situation before the goal shouldn't occur because there should be an edge for Netherlands and not a goal kick for Spain.

    There was more mistakes also, but that were the most important ones.

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    One of my colleagues didn't show up today because he was too traumatized by the Netherlands not winning the World Cup. According to others he was at home, crying. I'm curious how many people commited suicide after that match.
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