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Thread: Poem Thread

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    Default Wavelengths

    electric flame sparking color
    peppered with migrating particle-orb wisps
    of static, and shoe-lace frenzy.

    eye-liner runs from the cusp of mythical
    heritage, descending a ruddy green, jumping
    like demigod tears, collecting as building-
    blocks on a linoleum floor.

    red gaps--
    a blighting lidless maw
    suggesting demon-tomes. lingering
    cries from otherworldly steel monsters
    piercing the synapse, striking a sound,
    a sonorous wail of numbers, data, robots,

    cloud-faces announce new-tiered projections:
    mountain climbers, whale riders, plane-shifters,
    and packages containing instruments that
    should not produce music, but

    sounds lead travel-plans, and this
    doorway beckons all will arrive:
    the same destination from which to leave
    in untold new directions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    Almost love

    hey, stranger,
    your voice dissolves the years.
    I remember
    the clean smell of you and
    the whiteness of your soul.
    you were sunshine
    and the taste of rain.

    And I know, you know
    for a lifetime and maybe,
    a day,
    you'll seek me in your memories
    i'll carry you in my bones.
    we were, this was
    almost love.

    we paid the bloodprice for honesty
    flew on a fairytale built on pain.
    but not all endings
    were birthed in beginnings,
    and we have moved on,
    just the same.
    not the same.

    but comes some nights like these,
    when the memory of sunshine
    is all that keeps me together.
    hey, stranger,
    seek me in your memories,
    carry me in your bones.
    we were, this was,
    almost love,
    sigh...yeah..been there
    for my life is slowed up by thought and the need to understand what I am living.

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    Marred Papers

    Round coffee stains shatter the crinkled pages.
    Brittle plastic breaks over the spine.

    Dust peeks out from yellowed sheets,
    and smears over the rough black lines.

    Torn paper shows the headless body
    of an ancient knight.

    His paper sword is drawn in shadow,
    gold-hilted and leather-bound.
    We are not poets
    We have no right to make amendments

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    Hey, you poets, help me out here, I never understood poetry, maybe it's better to say I didn't try to understand it, but... I stood outside smoking just five minutes ago, and what happened right there was that I had this idea of some kind and as I wrote it down after I got in, I kinda see it as a poem. Weird, huh?

    I thought to make some marks on the snow.
    I thought to write "forever",
    but I didn't.
    A bird had made footprints.
    It was cold and I stepped into the light to be seen,
    but I saw no one.
    My lungs emptied,
    smoke covered my face and I raised my head.

    Well, it doesn't sound that good in English, but thats not the point, anyways. I see the symbols but I can't decode them. It feels a bit like a dream interpretation... Can you get any of it?

    Edit. I want to add that each thing that happened seemed meaningful, and they are in the order they happened or the order I saw them. Oh, except one thing. I realized it was cold when I went inside. So, it would be:

    I thought to make some marks on the snow.
    I thought to write "forever",
    but I didn't.
    A bird had made footprints.
    I stepped into the light to be seen,
    but I saw no one.
    My lungs emptied,
    smoke covered my face and I raised my head.
    It was cold.

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