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Thread: Season 2 of Heroes

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    Default Season 2 of Heroes

    ...sure blew didn't it?

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    Yeah...It is as if a focus group got was half interesting, or perhaps a third....the rest was just filler it seemed....the sense of momentum is gone. It seems like the writers are struggling with a lot of concerns. I do think that the acting is actually better but they have less material to work with now. Sylar is still hanging in there as a real Baddie, which is preferable to the Cheerleader and her boyfriend woes. I don't even remember how I got hooked on this show.

    I remember the second season of Twin Peaks, and how out of hand that got. With plots this convoluted it must be a challenge to keep them compelling while entertaining commercial concerns.
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    Yeah. Hope the second half will be better. If there is a second half.

    Did Peter not watch the Back to the Future series? By leaving Caitlin in the virus future and then changing the present so the virus future never exists, hasn't he trapped her in a different universe that he cannot get to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirsch63 View Post
    the rest was just filler it seemed....
    really? I thought the first season had way more filler episodes.
    I don't wanna!

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    I think it wasn't nearly as good as the first season. Somethings were done poorly; the South American siblings (I don't even remember their name), why the hell were they introduced? Just so Sylar could kill and use them? Let's hope for something more than just that...

    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    Did Peter not watch the Back to the Future series? By leaving Caitlin in the virus future and then changing the present so the virus future never exists, hasn't he trapped her in a different universe that he cannot get to?
    I just can't see how they thought this up. Time travel is always messy, and now they didn't only time travel, but even left someone in the future. I'm looking forward to that storyline.

    Any ideas about what the story might be in the third season/second half of the second season?
    Now that Sylar has his powers again I guess both the Agency and "our guys" have to team up to take him out.
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    I think the producers saw the writer's strike coming, so they had the writers quickly wrap up the last few episodes. I still enjoyed watching, but I agree it was not nearly as good as the first season.
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    yeh, ending was lackluster. Shame because I was really into the first season.

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    Tim Kring, the creator, swears up and down that next season will be better and is critical of some aspects of the season (like the deal with Hiro being in Japan so long, and I thought that arc was drawn out). In any case I was slightly disappointed with last season's finale and a little more disappointed with this season's finale, definitely leaves me wanting.

    I just don't want this show to turn into Lost, more than anything in the world.
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    Hm.. I liked Season 2, though there was too little Sylar on it :<
    He's my absolutely favorite character~ I know he's trying/killing other characters and he's the bad guy.. but still I'm a bit over protective of him

    I wonder what other INFPs think of him.. like if it's unusual for an INFP to like such character so much..?

    My favorite charas are always the villains for some reason, and I almost never like any female characters.. like Niki *eww*, Eden, Charlie, Candice, Maya, Caitlin..

    I didn't mind Hiro in Japan stuff, it was actually interesting, I just love all historical jdramas~ *yay Satomi Hakkenden *g*

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    I can't stand Sylar, but I think he will be a perfect fit for the role of young Spock.

    My favorite is Elle after last season, and I've always liked Nathan, even in his prick days.

    I will just be happy when we can have a FULL season again so the story can progress a bit slower with less focus on a billion new characters.

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