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Thread: Final Fantasy 13

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    My interest in the series started to wane around the age of... 15? The aesthetic and intellectual depth of the series remained constant while I continued to grow, I guess. The same is true of me and most games though.

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    FFX is the one of my favorite games. It was an amazing experience, and one of, if not the best rpg of all time. Its gonna be hard to top such a great game.Final Fantasy XIII was awesome. The battles were intense. The graphics were jaw droppping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feops View Post
    Video games are just time wasters. The same as movies, television, reading fiction, taking sunday drives, or anything else that's relaxing but doesn't really "return" anything.
    Actually, I have to disagree with that. Sometimes movies, television, fiction and video games can be powerful narratives that really make you think about things in a different way or affect you deeply in some way that will influence you henceforth, whether you are conscious of it or not. Surely you can think of at least one such "time waster" that influenced you deeply? Playing music was supposed to be a "time waster" for me too, but it grew to become something much more than that.
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    I cringe whenever I see Snow and Hope on the screen. They do absolutely nothing for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valentine View Post
    I cringe whenever I see Snow and Hope on the screen. They do absolutely nothing for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by valentine View Post
    I cringe whenever I see Snow and Hope on the screen. They do absolutely nothing for me.
    I know, right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainne View Post
    It makes me think of that Jefferson Starship song always

    edit: I like the game fine, btw. But I am not hardcore. The reviews' criticisms about it are very true.
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    Final fantasy versus XIII is only available on PS3 and its a side story to this one.I think the first part of the game is linear on purpose, it helps teach you how to use the combat system and inventory properly and gives you the opportunity to experiment.

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    Overall I was disappointed. I have played through EVERY Final Fantasy game, even to level 50 in FFXI. So I felt obligated to complete this game despite my disappointment.

    Overall the story didn't capture me like past games have. The characters didn't seem to have a lot of depth to them. Some of them seemed like blatant rip-offs from past games (Hope looked and whined like Tidus, Vanille felt like a Rikku 2.0, etc) The first 10 hours of the game were linear and boring (We do not need that much time to figure the game out). The combat system didn't impress me, nor did the Crystarium system of specializing characters. It was worse than the sphere grid in FFX.

    I could probably go on but Ill cut it short there.
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    I got bored... I was on the beginning of disc 2. Then I just quit. The characters are annoying, the battle system is intricate, but not very appealing as you don't get to control as much as it makes you think it does, and though the graphics are always cool the script is extremely cliche... overall, it was not worth the $60 dollars I paid for it.

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    A summary of the gameplay:

    Boring and repetitive battles galore, grinding for ages, more grinding, even more grinding, extremely linear level progression - it is like playing a FPS rail-shooter minus the rails, die on bosses and Eidolons over three thousand times, you will never summon anything because it's almost useless to do so, mostly boring level scenery that repeats itself, crappy character development that makes you want to puke, corny dialouge, a lack of many different enemy types is extremely pertinent; overall, the game is extremely boooooooring.

    Character summary:

    Lightning: Cloud Strife + Vincent Valentine = Lightning.
    Sahz: He is a crap version of Detective James Carter from Rush Hour.
    Snow: A giant freaking idiot who is gung-ho about being a giant freaking idiot; also, he is supar sad because his gurlfran got pwnd. B'awww.
    Fang: The dike.
    Vanille: The love-child of some pedophilic Japanese man.
    Emo Boy: A emo child that Snow should've let die. I hate this character the most. I don't even remember his name because I just started calling him "the stupid emo kid with the stupidest Eidolon."
    Cid: Where was his country accent?!

    Story Summary:

    Crap that had potential.
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