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Thread: Moral Movies

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    I think pretty much any movie could have a moral to the story. Usually of the karma-bites-in-the-ass variety.

    Taken - Moral: If you kidnap an international assassin-for-hire and then dare him to find you and kill you, he will find you and he will kill you.

    Iron Man - Moral: Holding a weapons tycoon with ridiculous intellectual genius hostage in a cave, and forcing him to build weapons for you is a dumbass idea. Shoot the prick, and send for a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog.

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    idk if this is what you mean.. but i thought the truman show had a really strong and good message. sort of different than morals though i suppose.
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    What qualifies as a revenge movie? Star Wars: A New Hope can be a revenge movie if you think about it. Poor Uncle Owen....

    See also The Karate Kid.
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    Sin City is a very moral movie. The 7 deadly sins and 7 cardinal virtues are all over the place in that flick...

    Shawshank redemption of course...

    The Green Mile...

    And if you're looking for a revenge flick, you have GOT to see Payback with mel gibson. Priceless I tell you!

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    Is The Count of Monte Cristo really a moral movie? I haven't seen any of the film adaptations, but from the novel, the Count's guilt is rather whitewashed in the end (thanks to the power of God). And Mercedes deserves to be a nun for being a complete pawn while Edmond sails off in the sunset with his Greek child bride (who truly knows she loves him and not just because he saved her life)?

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