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    I was excited when I first heard an American version was being made of this film. I loved the original (And anyone who has actually seen it!). It's a shame this version appears to be more about the war and a political agenda than the characters...In the original, it was almost completely about the characters, and the war was almost like a backdrop. They conjure up completely different ideas. Or... that's just my opinion. Any other thoughts?

    And what about character types? I think the brother (Tommy/Jannik) is an ISTP, and the husband is an STJ... Michael (the Danish version) seems like an ESTJ, whereas Sam (American version) seems more ISTJ. Grace (American version) seems INFP and Sarah (Danish) seems more ISFP. The mom is an ESFJ, and the dad seems ISTJ.
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    I just got home from this movie. I couldn't type the characters if I tried, but I'd be interested in hearing what you think about the nature of the political agenda you saw in the film.

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