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Thread: This is the Bitter Roots!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    You can have them all. I'm having an allergy to women right now. Dander!:steam:
    You don't call when you have a woman. And you don't call when you don't. I think you're avoiding me.

    And besides, it's your turn to call.

    Don't make me come up there....:1377:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    I mean stuff like 5/4. I know it's hard to dance to! Poor hippie chicks. they will have to do their best. I'll try to make it fun for them.

    Dulcimer? That sounds fun! What inspired you to give it a try?
    Flipped Out for Five-Four (song title?)

    I know I've played something in 5/4 on piano, Tchaikovsky? I just remember it wasn't at all easy to keep from slipping into a more familiar rhythm, but I liked the challenge. Probably the hippie chicks will like the challenge too.

    Why dulcimer? Because I moved from a house to an apartment and wanted to consciously simplify my life in all sorts of ways. (It's working out great.) I didn't want to bring the piano and looked around for a portable substitute just for private expression when the mood strikes. Someone lent me a mandolin, someone lent me a dulcimer. I really really like the dulcimer.

    I guess Biaxident will be wanting to eventually see a video of your red-headed hippie chick fans Flailing in Five-Four Fun. Or he can show up in person as a contest judge? Get those drum sticks out, better get on it.

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