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Thread: Drinks most fitting each dichotomy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    INTP: Whole Milk

    Yes, with me, whole milk is not just a drink its an addiction. I drink it right out of the bottle. The endorphins start popping in my head as soon as the ice cold milk hits; eyes widen and look toward the ceiling in euphoric triumph!

    Low Fat? Blaa; a totally different drink, will not touch the stuff unless totally jonezing.

    Feel the same way about boobs...wonder if there is a connection?

    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Spamtar - a strange combination of boorish drunkeness and erudite discussions, or what I call "an Irish academic"

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    I've heard INTJs drink blood?

    Feel the same way about boobs...wonder if there is a connection?

    Its an omen. It means you should start suckling on the first cow you see today.

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    My favorite: Coffee with whipped cream. You can wake me for that.
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