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Thread: Diablo III

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    Starcraft 2 was set for winter of 09 and D3 to follow in the summer of 2010. But with the release of the new highly expected Call of Duty being released in the winter of 09 on many platforms. Many games have delayed their release cause of the spotlight this game will be taking this winter. And since that means SC2 is being delayed they delayed D3 cause Blizzard has said they wont release a new Diablo before they release the new Starcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    ^ Ugh. I never played online outside of with a few friends just because of that. The game was fun enough normally, it didn't need hacks.
    I both loved and hated it. Diablo I was my first online gaming experience and that aspect alone made it seem cool to me. However it was also frustrating because the online game was so horribly broken in every way because of the hacks.

    I played it for a while by myself and it was really fun, but it just seems so much better multiplayer (ignoring all the hacking issues). It will be cool if Diablo III has some type of online, hack free server.
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    enyone play d2 at euscnl?
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    Anything to get me off WoW for a while heh

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