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Thread: Game recommendation for all

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    Ok, I bought Oblivion: Elder's scroll, Crysis and CoD:WaW. The last game was the only one that really got me in the atmosphere, I mean, it's an awesome game. I don't like the user inteface for oblivion one bit. I will probably try it again some time (played 60 minutes), but there's such item management I wouldn't want to do in another game. Big

    Crysis seems okay, I hate to change the suit modes though. Perhaps I should assign a hotkey to each mode to make it more manageable.

    The damned store was full of bloody sports/fps/platform games, simulations etc. I've sometimes wanted to operate a crane tho, and now there's a simulator for that No, I'm not buying.

    Couldn't find Mass Effect, though I'd believe I might like it. Perhaps I'll borrow Assassins Creed from my friend, and give him a game in exchange. Now I want to buy some strategy and one racing game.

    My 100 euro card scored almost exactly the average results in 3dMark Vantage. I guess the cards of today are quite ok. About 70Gbps internal memory bandwidth, several billions of texels/second (was it 30-40?) A nice 30-60fps in the games I tested. Usually around 60.

    I'd guess it would go down to 20-30fps on new games.

    Edit: oh, and I plan to program CUDA at a time. I just understood it's just the kind of extreme stuff I've wanted to do since I was a young kid, and I did it then, just on poor hardware of the time. I'll have to see if CUDA will install on Windows 2003 server. Other graphics card drivers didn't, even though XP drivers should be compatible with it.

    Perhaps a lazy graphic card maker just made the installation package check for XP, and forgot to include a check for server operating systems. I mean, what kind of a crazy fool installs 3d graphic cards on servers?

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    How is Bioshock , the new one? is it any good. I've been contemplating getting it.
    It's down to bioshock and battlefield. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    How is Bioshock , the new one? is it any good. I've been contemplating getting it.
    It's down to bioshock and battlefield. :/
    I preferred Bioshock 2's combat and overall customization and looting and puzzle system to the original's. I think it did a lot of things better. It's as great a game as the first one, imo.

    Battlefield VS Bioshock 2...... Bioshock 2. I haven't played Battlefield and it's not really my thing thing though. If you are a Bioshock fan though, you owe it to yourself to play the second one.

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    Both Starcrafts. Nothings more satisfying than destroying someone in a game of starcraft. (also the single player in the first one was sweet, the second one was kindve shit though)

    Also, Starcraft 2 doesn't need very heavy system specs to run it, making it all the more accessible!

    If your gonna play an RTS the starcrafts wont let you down, these games are very well polished and the matchmaking system ( is exceptional. Not one of those awful games that uses gamespy or some crap to run, where it works as fast as a chubby slug. (that could sound like a sexual innuendo couldn't it? chubby slug? meh)

    Quote Originally Posted by SNUGGLETRON View Post
    Dead Space

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    Amnesia - The Dark Descent
    Brix shall be shat, whilst playing this game.
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    Default Great Info!

    Great info Guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    How is Bioshock , the new one? is it any good. I've been contemplating getting it.
    It's down to bioshock and battlefield. :/
    I have the new bioshock and I'm a little dissappointed. The setting and feeling of the game is still good, but I had hoped for more improvement in gameplay and quite frankly that's still lacking in my opinion. (Although admittedly, I haven't played that far into the game. Maybe it gets better? )

    I'll just stick with Heroes of Newerth for the time being.

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    Currently most of my time goes into League of Legends. It's a Free 2 Play MOBA originating in the likes of DOTA but with some interesting metamechanics to it. Very addicting.
    Teambased 5v5 PvP single champ controlled strategy action
    League of Legends (it's an affiliate link, where I might get some stuff ingame if you stick with it. Use it, cut the referall out or google yourself if you don't like it :-))

    I just bought CIV V as well. Looks like the gameplay is a lot like 1 and 2 again which I liked alot.

    Oh and I totally forgot Minecraft Minecraft
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    The Total War Series
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    Demon's Souls is one game I can think of that hasn't been mentioned.

    Also, a good free MMORPG is Dungeon Fighter Online. Well that's if you were into the old school beat em up game like Street of Rage, Double Dragon, Battletoads, etc.
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