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Thread: Thom Yorke - "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses/The Hollow Earth"

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    Default Thom Yorke - "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses/The Hollow Earth"

    For my fellow Radiohead fans on TypoC:

    What did you guys think? Great songs, I think. Very interesting stuff and definitely more electronic/techno-y than even some of the tracks off The Eraser.

    "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses"
    is instrumental, which sort of surprised me in a way. Kind of reminds me of "The National Anthem" what with the song being moored to a kind of vampy bass line. Very good stuff.

    "The Hollow Earth" is more Thom Yorke than ever, very electronic. It sounds like Thom Yorke is taking a turn towards more of a Trip-hop kind of sound now? I like it though.

    To be honest, both of these songs impressed me more than "These Are My Twisted Words" ever did. That song just didn't cut it for me. I guess my expectations were just a little too high to enjoy that song.

    Opinions? Thoughts about the two songs?

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    havent heard them. i'll seek em out when i get off work tonight
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