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Thread: Learning To Play Basketball

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    Question Learning To Play Basketball

    I have a friend who just loves playing basketball and I'm really getting into learning it now. He doesn't have that much time to teach me (in fact, when we've had time to play he seems to prefer showing off his "skillz" than teaching ME any, hehe).

    I've searched through YouTube looking for good beginner instructional vids, but so far I haven't found anything all that useful for a true beginner. I wondered if any of you knew of any good vids or sites? (BTW, I've only just gotten the hang of dribbling while walking, only with my dominant hand. I'm trying to learn how to do it with both hands but keep screwing up)

    I could also use a good site detailing the rules and regs of basketball. I know all the stuff about how points are scored and such, I don't know much about rules of the court itself or what constitutes a 'foul' and all that. Having trouble finding sites that illustrate all of that in layman's terms.

    If you're a proficient 'baller', you have any general tips for someone just starting out? Any 'warm-up' exercises that are good before playing?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    P.S. Sites detailing the art of on-court smack talk would also be useful to me
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    lmfao@you. i tried teaching you how to dribble & fake but you were too busy being miss wise ass! come down when i get off work more & all will be revealed. i cant believe you posted this shit lofl.

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    you are just priceless woman & i'm showing this to Robby

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    I picked up the game naturally at a young age, and even if I haven't played in a while (like now), I can get back to form pretty quickly. I guess the way I learned is by watching NBA games and imitating how the players play.

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