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Thread: Art Work o.o;

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    Default Art Work o.o;

    Well this is my first art work on the computer x3 i just finish it today , though it doesnt really look that good o.o;; but i have been working on it like a week ..1-2 hrs a day X.X for a starting really takes lots of time

    And the original image look like this

    well yeah theres some difference @.@ its a bit hard to copy everything in a same way.And also if you guys have any art work please post it ^-^

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    The bold lines and watery vibrant colour reminds me of those glass paintings. It's psrticialy used to good effect on the wings. It's an impressive job for a first time.
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    ya the wings i spend like 3 hrs X.x coz its hard to do the designs
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    If you don't have one and are somewhat serious about getting really good at digital artwork, I suggest getting a Wacom tablet (or any brand of tablet, really...just Wacom is a very popular and well-regarded brand). The tablet makes things a lot faster than using a mouse because it comes with a pen and essentially makes painting most like actual painting/drawing. This will increase your speed considerably.

    But overall, a good job for a first try. You have an eye for texture.
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    i love it. nice job!
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