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    Does playing music at all affect left and right brain components or does it activate certain functions or both?
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    Incidentally, I believe that I am a dominant Ti user, and I often have trouble explaining things that I understand well. It's a matter of organizing the presentation of material. I can have it perfectly organized in my head all at once, but structuring the sequential delivery of material so that others understand is a different matter entirely, and requires a different skill set that I am apparently lacking.

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    music is generally thought of as a right-brain function

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    I dunno, when I learn a new piece on piano it seems left brain intensive. Plotting out my fingering in each measure, ensuring that everything is in correct time and harmony. Though once everything is memorized I feel it becomes more of a right brain process as you can easily manipulate the volume, style, and timing on the fly to switch up the mood between different movements of the piece.
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