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Thread: Baroque album recommendation

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    Default Baroque album recommendation

    I've come to grow fond of baroque music lately. I was wondering if any of you have any good recommendations. I don't know that much stuff, so I'm looking for a solid album/compilation of baroque style classical music.

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    Bach - Air from suite #3 (on a G string)
    Vivaldi - The four Seasons

    I know they're pretty standard works and chances are you probably know both of them all ready, but I'd like to mention them anyway for everybody interested in the subject and wanting some easy-listening examples.

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    I have two that I pretty much wear out:

    Baroque Adagios by the Decca Label

    Essential Baroque also by Decca

    The two above are really good mixes, they helped my husband concentrate on math when he was taking electronics.

    I also like Albinoni's Adagios by the Erato label

    Christmas Adagios -- the two cd set is also a big favorite of mine.

    All of these available on Amazon to listen to samples.

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    Vocal baroque interpretations by Cecilia Bartoli:

    ~ Opera Proibita (2005) (Handel, Scarlatti, Caldara)
    ~ The Vivaldi Album (1999)

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