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Thread: Favourite Albums

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    I've been meaning to get some King Crimson--thanks for reminding me! (Though I hate that album cover! My friend had a copy of it on her wall, and it weirded me out every single time I walked into her apartment.)
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    ^ All three of the "real" Boston albums kick ass. They're awesome!
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    Here are some more of my favorite albums

    Sunflower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is the first Beach Boys album of the 70's and has a sweet, summery sound that I LOVE. I LOVE this album!!!!!! slip on through was written and sung by Dennis Wilson, it has a soulful sound with horns and rich harmonies on the chorus. Add some music to your day is pure sunshine pop, as is Bruce Johnson contributions such as Deirdre and Tears in the morning. Got to know the woman is a throwback to the rollicking boogey woogey 50's rock n roll sound-think maybe Fats Domino. Then there's the absolutely beautiful ballad Forever, sounds like something Brian Wilson would have done on Pet Sounds, but it was written by Dennis Wilson. All the band members at this time were starting to make contributions to the singwriting, Dennis Wilson definitely stepped up to the plate on this album and Brian Wilson's production is tight as eva. This album is a sunny contrast to the darker, more bittersweet sound of their next album Surf's Up, released in 1971.

    16 Lovers Lane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This album was released in the late 80's and has a lush, jangly acoustic guitar pop sound, there's something almost baroque with the it. The Go-Betweens had been around for a while at this point and their sound on this album is pretty different from their more simpler post punk sound earlier. In the early 00's, disco house artist Milky sampled the guitar intro to streets of your town for her single just the way you are, I like this song too with it's smooth breezy 70's pop sound, think Daft Punk's Discovery .
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