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Thread: Twilight vs. Harry Potter

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    All I know is that most of the Harry Potter movies, except for the last one, were incomparable to Toilet.

    The last Harry Potter on the other hand, focused on all the Twilight-like teenage romances and not on Voldemort's past. That and the movie was just boring.

    I like Harry Potter in general because it has broader appeal.

    Twilight, on the other hand, merely has broad appeal.

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    The first 5 Harry Potter books were really good(and the 6th was somewhat of an episode of 90210 if you catch my drift)

    Twilight doesn't have anything going for it: 2-dimensional and a romance at that, it's just plain bad.

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    They both suck. True Blood ftw!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    I hated The Great Gatsby!!!
    Of all the classics I've read, hands down, it's my least favorite.
    And, yeah, mother uck these haters!!!
    The Twilight Saga rocked!!!

    I love the Great Gatsby.

    "Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves,
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    memories and allow themselves to be provoked this
    easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance."
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    I never read HP and I'm not too interested.
    I've seen the movies [though I'm sure the books are always best] and I really don't care for it.

    Though I read all the Twilight books and was obsessed, you realize that the story isn't really that deep. Not that thats bad or anything. Anyone can pick up the twilight series and understand and enjoy it. I like that. Its not complicated to put yourself there for those who don't like to read or have trouble. I know tons of people who got into reading thanks to Meyers. But hey, I cant say im too fond of Bella. I enjoy the vampires and werewolves action, but Bella is just sooooo clingy to Edward. Its an unhealthy relationship and she doesn't grow to her potential. I think thats what I don't care too much about it :/

    Though I think if that may girls [and guys] are reading that series than maybe some guys need to pick up on it. Obviously if girls are fantasying about Edward than maybe girls want a guy more like him. A guy that will treat her like a princess and will do what he can to protect her. If anything, THAT needs to be taken from the book. How guys can woo the girls and truly show how you care. Chivalry is not dead. Many girls still dream of such things.

    Ok, my little 'love' fest is over.
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    Harry Potter is fine. It's not amazing, but it's fine.

    Twilight is not fine. It's not amazing, but it's not fine.

    I had 20+ people assure me before reading Twilight that it would be astonishing and "change my life." I was amused at it, but did not enjoy it, nor did I learn anything from reading it (I dissect books as I read so I can figure out writing helps me as a writer to see what works and doesn't. ). See, I had hoped to figure out what made a good romance novel from reading it. Honestly? I felt no passion between them at all. Nothing plausible, anyway. Also, Bella was a snob. Also, Edward creeped me out. I loved the characters who were hated upon the most (Jacob, Leah, Rosalie, Jessica, and Angela) and whenever the plot was getting interesting the writer copped out for TRU WUV. In conclusion, the books sucked and I was sadly disappointed.

    I tell people this. "You haven't finished the series!" they tell me.

    I read all the way through. I tell people this.

    "You're a bitch who can't appreciate the fact that Edward is sexy, and you're a book snob!"

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    My thoughts on...

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    Thinking about it what I really liked about the first Twilight book was that because of the way it was written it has a certain dreamlike feel to it. Meyer might not be the most amazing writer but she knows how to create an atmosphere.

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