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Thread: Comedic Duos: Is the Straight man usually an ISTJ?

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    Default Comedic Duos: Is the Straight man usually an ISTJ?

    So, I've been watching a lot of reruns of I Dream of Jeannie lately. You know, that show where the strange, mischievous girl flounces around in a belly-dancer's costume? I've loved the show since I was a little kid. Anyway, I was thinking about how unrealistic it is that Major Nelson took 5 years to give in to Jeannie's charms. I mean, he's a red-blooded adult male, and she's a scantily-clad, hot adult female who is in love with him and is willing to do anything for him. Come on! The illogic of a 1960s sitcom...

    This all got me thinking about typology. I realized that Major Nelson was probably an ISTJ, and then I realized that a lot of "straight men" of comedy are ISTJs. So, what do you think? And what about the "funny man?" What are they?

    So far, I only have a few examples. I think we see this a lot in entertainment...and it's not just limited to comedy, either. I think it's usually the strong S (Sane) of the straight man playing against the strong N (iNsane) of the funny man.

    Major Nelson: ISTJ
    Jeannie: ENFP

    Scully: ISTJ
    Mulder: INFJ/INFP

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    I'd say Jerry in the show Seinfeld was likely ENTJ, and it seems that could also fit the "Straight Man" role in many contexts.

    And I would say "Straight Women" probably tend to be xSFJ.

    I wouldn't deny a trend of ISTJ.

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