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Thread: Poetry Thread

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    Default Poetry Thread

    I am new here. Is there a poetry thread already active?
    There are miles to go before I sleep...

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    If you are referring to a thread with poetry written by our members, I do not think one exists (or is active).

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    Hello, welcome, an' all that jazz.

    Poems that moved you

    Poetry of the depressed and existentially challenged

    Or start another...

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    "My briar rose
    your beauty shows
    like mice upon
    the eagle's lawn."

    Ta-da! Wrote that when I was 14 years old. I have officially "shared stuff."

    Now, you all *points*, snap to it! share something poetic!
    "The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things." - Rainer Maria Rilke

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    And through the shattered glass that is my eyes,
    I try not to despise what is forgiven,
    For the blessings of a sweet caress it's wise,
    To take what makes life worth living

    But for the dawn that keeps me in its trance,
    The rose that's Godlike in its innocence,
    And what but all the world is in a dance,
    Or that her breath tastes like cinnamon

    Why is asphalt black like empty space,
    And not white like a wedding dress,
    I'll drive forever on a road to waste,
    Away from time and all its heaviness.

    Now someone else post something so I don't look stupid
    There are miles to go before I sleep...

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    Yay for sharing! Putting yourself out there for criticism is always tough, even a little bit.
    "The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things." - Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Default me share?

    Ill just paste this from another forum i posted them at. Tell me what you think. i think they are great but maybe thats cause i wrote them and am arrogant and stuff, master poet tell me how to improve, i would like to get some poetry skillz please.

    I was fasting and I asked God to help me express the anguish I was feeling over how pathetic and pointless and sad education and knowledge seemed to me at the time. This is my interpretation of the thoughts communicated by Him to me, polluted with my own thoughts and attitudes perhaps, but any good in them can only be attributed to God.


    Cars traveling to and fro:
    Cages filled with empty people and selfish destinations.
    Doors opening and closing:
    Making way for purposeful strides... Leading to Nowhere.
    Contrived Smiles:.. light the face like a camera flash:
    Sinking back in the skin to reveal..
    Crying eyes and empty souls.


    A mass of clay to form and shape
    Lifeless, void, gray and pale
    Forms a shell around the heart and pumps with oily spasms
    the surface of the moon made fluid, drifting too close to the sun
    Dead Gray Sludge

    this one is more of a poemerant but maybe one can relate and it will serve a purpose.

    Frivolity of Conversation:

    Little bits of colored clay added to the bulbous mass
    Fade to gray, indistinguishable, a blob of nothingness
    Weighty and stagnant, putrefying, fermenting, deadinformationreachingitsultimateandendlessbirtho finfinitepollution...Intense conversations about Pirates of the Carribean....2 WHY!?

    Empty Eyes:

    Gazing forever but unseen
    Perception... to end eternity
    Naked, blind, Gasping.. for breath of Light
    Darkness known of dying embers
    Fizzles blackness to endless night
    Last edited by BridgeCable; 11-01-2008 at 10:36 PM. Reason: a space, the dead information etc is supposed to be one huge word, it wont edit correctly....

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    Default Writing resource

    I've found this to be a helpful site. More specifically; random poetry suggestion/tip.
    "The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things." - Rainer Maria Rilke

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    What, days have passed and no INFP's on this thread?

    I think I might have to take a cold shower

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    once, long ago,
    in a land of mists forgotten now,
    wandered a beast of music and light.

    once long ago,
    i saw this creature infernal
    welcome my beloved into its dancing light.

    in shrieks and screams it ran.
    mighty wings beat the air
    and left scattered the bodies of one hundred fallen.

    it alighted upon a castle in the air.
    before me appeared stairs,
    like a devil invoked. behind me they fell forgotten.


    from the stars it fell quiet in the center of night,
    blazing of morbid remembrance,
    to gleeful and barren withered inhabitants
    through the plains creeping insidious.

    slow it became.
    slow it conquered the wailing for rain.
    the poison lands' weeping shuddered through smoke,
    the continuous frothing of ominous words spoken
    by a maelstrom of flame.

    I tend to write stuff like this in all lower-case.
    btw, I love yours, Penda.

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