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08-28-2010, 10:36 AM
Hey whats up guys. I'm new. I'm a huge fan of comics, especially marvel comics and I wanna know the characters types. Here are some of my guesses of types for characters. I hope they're right. Oh yah and try to fill in the X's please. (not the one in X-men or Professor X though)

Main Marvel Universe Guys
Spider-man - INFP
Iron Man - ENTJ
Captain America - ESFJ
Daredevil - ISXJ
Hulk - ESFP (Bruce Banner - INTP)
Silver Surfer - INFJ
Deadpool - EXXP
Hawkeye - ISTP
Nova - ESXP
War Machine - IXFJ
Moon Knight - IXXJ
Hank Pym - INTP
Ant-man (O'grady) - ESTP
Luke Cage - ESTP
Iron Fist - ISFP
Thor - ESXX
Speedball (Original) - ESFP
Namor - XSTP

Wolverine - ISTP
Cyclops - ISTJ
Beast - INTP
Iceman - ESFP
Angel - ENFP
Jean Grey - ENFJ
Storm - XNTJ
Gambit - ESTP
Nightcrawler - ENFP
Colossus - ISFJ
Emma Frost - INTJ
Professor X - INTJ

Madrox/Multiple Man - XNXP
Siryn/Banshee - ENXJ
Monet - ESTP
Strong Guy - ESFP
Rictor - ISXP
Shatterstar - ISTX
Longshot - ENFP
Layla Miller - XNTJ
Darwin - ISFP
Wolfsbane - INFJ

Fantastic Four
Mr. Fantastic - INTX
Invisible Woman - XXFJ
Human Torch - ESTP
The Thing - XSFP

Bad Guys
Magneto - ENTJ
Dr. Doom - INTJ
Green Goblin - XNTJ
Doctor Octopus - INTJ
Venom (Eddie Brock) - ESTP
Vulture - ISTJ
Electro - XSTP
Sandman - XSTP
Rhino - ESFP
Shocker - ESTX
Chameleon - INTJ
Mysterio - ENFJ
Kraven The Hunter - ESTX
Carnage - ESTP
Sabretooth - XSTP
Pyro - ESXP
Mystique - ISTP

08-28-2010, 10:38 AM
Nightcrawler is cool enough to be an ENFP

Deadpool seemed ENTP

08-28-2010, 05:42 PM
Wow. No ENTP.

Why's iron man not ENTP?

08-28-2010, 06:10 PM
The Thing - ISFJ imo

I think Namor is Fi, maybe ISFP.. definitely not Ti at least. He's kind of unpredictable, focused on his own values. It's hard for others, like Fantastic or Iron Man, to get him to help unless there's some Atlantean related incentive to it.

And Nightcrawler INFP.. or high Fi ENFP could work. The movie version was more INFP

08-28-2010, 06:29 PM
Now this is fluff I want to play with..

Wolverine - ISFP?? (type 4-The need for identity) ISFP=The intuitive sensor
Cyclops - ESTJ
Beast - INTP
Iceman - ESTP
Angel - ENFP
Jean Grey - INFJ
Storm - ISFJ
Nightcrawler - INFP
Colossus - ISTJ
Rouge - ISTP
Professor X - INTJ
Kitty Pride - ESFP


Spider-man - INTP
The Punisher - ISTP

Bad Guys

Magneto - ENFJ
Dr. Doom - INTJ
Doctor Octopus - INTP
Sabretooth - ISFP (see Wolverine)
Mystique - INFP