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Thread: Salary negotiations: How to squeeze blood from a turnip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    Hehe...too much Fe?

    Truthfully, he doesn't have much to bargain with. He's got experience, but this is at movie studio so I'm sure there are people willing to work for free. He's been offered this higher paying job but it's still not enough. How can he unemotionally bring this up? What chips does he need to lay down?
    People would be willing to sacrifice and work free of charge, because they have the opportunity to "make moves."

    Maybe this guy needs to start making moves.

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    Udog's advice is sound. He needs to be prepared and show why he's worth it and what his employer gets in return, hardship is not a reason to deserve a pay increase, if anything, raising that topic as a reason would go against him, salary is not charity.

    He needs to know what minimum he would accept and what he is prepared to do if he can't get that. If he isn't particually valuable to them it may be a tough sell to get more cash so what else would be of value to him.

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    Eh, there are no 'rules' with regard to that. I think if you have a fair boss, you can be open and honest. I was, and it worked. Period. On the other hand I think playing games would just piss the guy off. If you show you are a great worker and he cannot afford to lose you and you deserve it, you will get it. Just ask. Hell asking never hurt.

    On the other hand, I work for a company that is small. So my boss sees my every success and every failure (albeit not that many failures, thank god!!!). So he probably sees me as a valuable asset because I work hard, learn fast, and do my work effectively. If I started slacking off, I'd be out on my ass quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, but I don't worry because I do not slack off.

    I don't know how you should do it in a big company. My aunt managed it insofar as she did her research and found out that nearly everyone made more than she in comparable jobs in other companies, printed that out, and basically started a negotiation, in which she received a substantial raise.

    Hope that helps.
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