Well, according to the very intriguing "Portrait of an INFP" on PersonalityPage.com, I am - supposedly - totally unaware of "mundane details of life maintenance." Now, that might apply to those who have been coddled in life, or who have a significant other/family member that simply takes care of the day-to-day stuff... just doesn't apply to me personally. As much as they're drudgery, routine tasks have to get done. I have always paid bills on time, done chores around the house, and held down a variety of service-sector jobs to support myself. In this economy, I wonder how anyone of any type could be clueless about such things, as part of "growing up" is learning how to manage such aspects of life. My dad informed me, upon opening a credit card account for me at age 16, that it was my responsibility to save my receipts and make sure I could pay the bill when it came every month. Not that I was a materialistic teenager or a wild spender by any stretch of the imagination... didn't even have my driver's license at that age to go out with friends regularly and shop, etc. He just had a "tough love" parenting philosophy and wanted me to be accountable for my life. When I began drinking, he remarked that if I ever got arrested for drunk driving, he wouldn't be the one to post my bail or pay my fines/court costs. So, maybe if I had been raised in a more permissive environment, I wouldn't have become as self-sufficient. I guess most people of my type are accused of being lazy or ditzy, and this unfortunately carries over to the arena of life skills and real-world responsibilities.

Also, I'm not really the rabid perfectionist that this Personality Page website makes INFPs out to be. I like doing things "the right way" and I take pride in my work, but not neurotically so. I am not the "Type A" personality like my sister, who was the valedictorian of her class and took part in the school play every year in high school, as well as (briefly) cheerleading. Sure, I like folding laundry neatly, having neat handwriting, and keeping my surroundings tidy and semi-organized, but that's about as far as these perfectionistic traits go.

And contrary to the picture painted by this website and others, I can get very engrossed in details as an INFP. Yeah, ultimately it's about the big picture, but I don't shy away from meticulous research, either in academic pursuits or for my own personal satisfaction. I don't mind keeping accurate records, doing data entry, or maintaining databases on the job. My employer knows that he can count on me to do these things, while simultaneously commenting that I am "way out there."

I noticed on the same webpage that suggested career paths included counseling, psychology, and mediation, all of which would likely make me uncomfortable. (Admittedly, on days when I am particularly down and out, I entertain thoughts of becoming an "intuitive counselor," based on the fact that I allegedly give good tarot readings.) I personally believe psychology to be a pseudoscience and that most mental illnesses have been artificially concocted by the medical community and drug companies... Also suggested were careers as a writer or musician - both of which I do already (thought it doesn't pay the bills!) - so I guess I ...sort of ... fit the typical INFP in my career aspirations.