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Thread: Are you a self-made person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Considering I'm 27 and still live with my parents, I say no.
    Same, except 18.

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    i think the ideal of a self-made man is a little unrealistic. everything and everyone is a part of so many interconnected networks that it's impossible to truly do anything on your own. however, the way we play within these networks we find ourselves in, what we pursue and how, the company we keep, etc., is all up to the individual, and those things impact our situations in a major way.

    personally, i hope to be ever closer to a healthy and functional balance of reliance on/service to others and being the primary decision maker in my own life and empowering others to be the same.
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    Definitely not.

    I had super supportive parents and siblings. While we didn't have as much money as a lot of other families I knew, we had TONS more kids, and also lived in a pretty well-off area, so it is all relative. I think my mom and dad sacrificed/budgeted a lot so we could live in the school district we did. Both my parents went to college (my mom was the 1st in her family I think my dad was maybe the 2nd in his family) and spent a lot of energy reading to us and engaging our minds as we grew up.

    That said, with 6 kids, you can't really afford to pay for them to attend college, but I ended up getting scholarships and grants and a few loans, and it worked out fine in the end.

    All in all, I'm incredibly grateful for the start I had in life and I know I have been lucky to have such a stable and supportive upbringing that a lot of people don't get to have. It makes me want to give back however I can.
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    I've worked hard at times. I've sacrificed pleasantries. I've already climbed up the social ladder form where my parents where, and if I stay the course and things go as planned, I will end up far ahead of them.

    But I don't believe in self-made people. Some work harder to get where they are than others, but everyone is a part of a mutually dependent system of individuals.
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