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Thread: Bachelors in Business at NYC

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    Default Bachelors in Business at NYC

    Will I be able to jumpstart a successful career or is it necessary to get an MBA?

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    I'll be honest and say MBAs are overrated. I want to get one, but then it's good for my career path/intention.

    How old are you? A first degree would do well at the outset.

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    I think it just depends on what you want to do. In some realms of the business world experience is just as important. On the other hand, an MBA can be done in only a year with some programs. If I were you I would pursue internships and talk to my supervisors/professors. They're the best ones to ask.
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    The most prestigious MBA programs prefer their applicants to have work experience, ranging from a couple to several years in business or a relevant field.

    If an individual has little to no work experience, and they want a successful career in business, actual work experience would look better on their resume than a MBA degree would.

    Also, sometimes, your employer can help you pay your MBA program tuition. So that's a plus.

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