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Thread: Would you connect with me via Linkdin?

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    Default Would you connect with me via Linkdin?

    I'm trying to build my Linkdin profile a if you'd like, we can connect?

    Need to take this whole career thing more

    First step towards that...

    Figured I'd post publicly for the benefit of anyone else who would like to connect with an MBTI focused see who else would be open to the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    Lol I came in to say the same thing.

    As as an attempt to be more helpful :

    Go look up all your classmates, professors, groups, etc. join as company pages . Usually they post employment ads up there before they do it on sites like monster, etc.

    If its work you're looking for. I suggest actually checking the company sites themselves, first. That's te first place they go live after an internal search.

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