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    My brother was a machine gunner (and also did a stint of Intel) in the Marine Corps and I also dated and was engaged to a Marine at one point in time. One thing is absolutely sure about the military, like all things it includes both amazing individuals of high quality character and miserable scumbags. My brother is definitely one of the former, very hard working, handles his leadership with humility, treats people with respect and lives his life with integrity. I definitely have encountered the other kind as well though, in fact my brother even used to warn me about them. Overly cocky, big talking guys with pretty much no actual self respect who use the military to feel macho. Usually these idiots are the least capable and the least seasoned, though they like to think otherwise.

    The Marine Corps was a very refining process for my brother, his experience is similar to what @kyuuei described as far as developing his work ethic, sense of self, leadership and chiseling away some of his negative habits. I think it would be good for a lot of people to go through a boot camp scenario (though Marine corps boot camp is kind of a different animal than other branches-- there's a history channel special on it which is awesome).

    I'm very proud of my brother and he's never regretted his time in the service, but he's also very much embraced the freedom from it now that he's out. It gave him a lot of oppertunity for growth while in, and then paid for his education once he was out. I also think it helped him determine the kind of man he wanted to be because of the high quality of leadership he had-- well certain individuals anyway, haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YUI View Post
    [...]The one thing that strikes people about Marines is that they are kind of bloodthirsty and genuinely want to go into combat and kill something. I'm not saying that this is good or bad; it's just the way the Marine Corps trains their people. [...]
    As I said in my previous post, I don't judge whether the Marine Corps' way of doing things is good or bad; I was just responding to the OP and pointing out a source of info about that particular branch of the services.

    Again, I would recommend the HBO mini-series "Generation Kill." Though fictional in treatment, it's based on real-life, specific events and real-life, specific people. It shows the good and bad of the people that it follows. The Marines that are the subject of that mini-series were highly-trained; by the time they are sent to Iraq, they had already done a couple combat tours in Afghanistan. The series shows the Marines' desire to kill; but it also shows their fury and frustration when they are unnecessarily or stupidly put in harm's way by officers who don't understand how Recon Marines operate. It shows the Marines' attitudes toward psychopaths in their own ranks ("baby-killers") and toward deaths of civilians caught up in hostilities. And so on and so on.

    If you rent the mini-series on disk (Netflix has it), then the "Special Features" on the final disk includes an interview where the creator of the series gathers up the specific, real-life Marines that he wrote about and served with, and he has them comment on how he portrayed them in the film, how he captured the "feel" of being Recon Marines, what they've been doing since the war, etc. So the viewer can see for him/herself what's become of the real-life Marines who actually lived through those experiences.

    Again, I'm not saying that being a Marine is good or bad. I'm simply saying that "Generation Kill" captures it pretty well, if people want to see a realistic depiction of that way of life.

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    I discovered very soon that I was adverse to the military.

    I have wondered why. So I looked back in history to find out.

    I found that standing armies are only a very recent invention. I do recognise that at the present time standing armies are a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless.

    And by evil necessity standing armies practise the arts of war, and this evil necessity infects whole societies. So we have the civilian gun culture of the USA practising the arts of war on a daily basis.

    And just as bad money drives out good money, so the arts of war drive out the arts of peace.

    And civilian practice of the arts of war on a daily basis creates a paranoid personality.

    We see this paranoid personality in the USA arming itself in self declared militia against their own democratically elected government.

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