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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Arendee View Post

    fuck em.
    I guess most problems can be solved by putting something in something else.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

    Suppose a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
    - A.A. Milne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    I guess most problems can be solved by putting something in something else.
    fuckin, basically

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    what is fucking?
    [Trump's] rhetoric is not an abuse of power. In the same way that it's also not against the law to do a backflip off of the roof of your house onto your concrete driveway. It's just mind-numbingly stupid and, to say the least, counterproductive. - Bush did 9-11

    This is not going to go the way you think....

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    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.

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    I work for a company dominated by (it was company policy for at least a decade to specfically hire) extroverted party people. The result? 6 billions emails a week on how they are recognising our brilliant people but a complete and total inability to get even the basics right. Our logistics dept hasnt a clue how to find its own arse with two hands let alone deliver a product to the customer. There is an inordinate amount of focus on focus groups, conference calls and getting the right PR in the newspapers. In the meantime the company goes from one crisis management weekend to the next. Guess they thought introverts interfered with the feel good factor in the office, too bad no-ones actually focused on the day to day operation of the business. i give it about 9 months before it folds.

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    hmm.. I think introverts can be a boon, though it depends on the MBTI type.

    INTPs and INTJs can do well in generating ideas, reasoning out strategies, and tend to be teflon-like. they don't give a shit about being liked, but about getting things done. IMHO, a good manager should have either at his or her side, as s/he would always have somebody to generate/vet ideas.

    Introverts may not make small talk, but then this depends I guess on how other co-workers respond and their needs, and the industry and corporate culture. I personally am not one for small talk and endless chit chat, but then to be fair I'm there to work, not hang out. I generally hang out more and am far more open when i'm at a party or bar.

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