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Thread: Entrepreneurial management or human resource management?

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    Default Entrepreneurial management or human resource management?

    I'm trying to decide between these two majors. I am an INfx, if that makes a difference. I can be socially awkward at times, but I can conduct myself in a professional manner.

    I already know I want some type of business major (not finance, marketing, or accounting). These two sound like promising careers. I believe that entrepreneurial management might be a bit more general and give me a lot of room to climb corporate ladders, but with HR I think it would be easier to find a job, even if it is a bit more limiting.

    What do you think?

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    all business majors are the same, it's about certifications in business...(if you're looking to be employed).

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    I worked in HR once -- Let's say it was as fulfilling as 'business' could be. I was in training and organization development, and I think it's nice when you are concentrating on 'helping people' and not 'sell sell sell' and 'kill other businesses'.
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    Well, I think one important factor will be the climate of the companies you will be with. In entrepreneurial, it will probably be rather fast-paced, enthused, dynamic, and a little bit risky. In HR, it will be more of what 21% described - supportive, maintaining and fostering... more stability and more encouragement but less growth and change.

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